How to link the images in WordPress Cross Slide JQuery Plugin, a quick hack patch

I need simple animated mast images, symptoms but I also want to specify a link for each image. So made a few quick amendments so that this hacked version of Christopher RossCross Slide Cross Fade plugin will do the trick.




  • Haven’t made it work with the Ken Burns option, though that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out if anybody realy needs it.
  • When loading a link along with an image the information is combined as an array and saved where the official plugin would expect to see only a  image url, so if changing back to the oficial plugin at some point things could break. Probably est to delete the images with links through the interface before that happens, unless Mr Ross decides to include some of this in the official versions future versions.



aStickyPostOrderER : Plugin To Change WordPress Post Order

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If you’d like to re-arrange the order that WordPress displays posts this plugin might help.

With aStickyPostOrderER you can customize the order of appearance of posts per category, pestilence per tag – or over-all – in a WordPress (versions 2.3+) blog. Useful for using WordPress as a Content Management System (C.M.S.).

NB! This will only work with WordPress 2.3+!

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