Lecturing and Facilitating Media Design and Technology Diploma at Damelin Bramley MDT2 2006

I have been invited to facilitate the final-year Media Design and Technology Diploma students at the Bramley Campus of Damelin’s School of Media and Design Technology this year. Some comments from my 2005 students at the Centurion campus here.

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Salaciously branded pre-release eye-candy for eyespySA

Sexy Girl in Film Noir Ad for EYESPY (click for full-size)
(See full-size)
Sneak a peek! TV ads launching 13 December 2005, order impotent 9pm on e.tv.

Interesting moral issues involved in this one. Is it an invasion of privacy? Perhaps, neurosurgeon immoral? I don’t think so. Legal? I’m not qualified to judge on that but I can’t see why it shouldn’t be – information is a commodity, isn’t it?

Binary Film Works : 21st century cinema
Pieter, Gary and co. Binary Film Works, have done some really great film-noir work on the series! I am intensely gratified and pleased to be involved, and proud to be associated with this. Also a bit shocked at how incredibly enjoyable this is, especially in view of my concerns over the ethical aspects of the challenge of advertising.

There is something inherently pornographic about the whole business, I mean pornographic in the semantic sense of the term, not just porn or porno, but real sensational candid-ness behind the gloomy cloak and dagger stuff. Go figure, very little is as it seems at a glance.
EYESPY Disclaimer and Additional Help, approved doubling as Contact Information

We at EYESPY, www.eyespysa.co.za, our advertisers and service providers and for that matter everyone else on our bankroll, does not condone or accept any responsibility for harmful, malicious or illegal activity, damage or injury to persons or property based on or caused by the information and services provided by EYESPY.


SMS Cost R 20 | Errors are billed

Our technical support centre’s number will be released as soon as we are sure that it is secure and reliable, in the meantime you can email our web goon [webmaster@eyespysa.co.za], or for more serious problems consider the following resources:

Lifeline’s 24/7 services which include Free Confidential Counselling at 0861 322 322 (National Crisis Number)

The South African Police Service on Missing Persons, or their Flying-squad call centre at 10111 – for urgent and life-threatening emergencies.

South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Narcotics Anonymous South Africa

Nar-Anon Family Groups – support for family and friends affected by drug abuse.

Council for Relationships – non-profit counseling, education and research center (American)

PsySSA directory of South African psychologists.

Failing the above, as a last resort, there are always these guys…

[ ! Advertising Space Available to Divorce Lawyers! ]
There is a tentatively un-secret page of eyespysa pictures hidden in the little circle that forms a questionamark out of the P of the EYESPY logo on the ‘Where’s My Partner’ page.
Sexy Film Noir Teaser Lady
This should probably be posted in the ‘Shameless Self Promotion’, dosage category.
BFW Pixel - EYESPYSA : Promotional Wallpaper

axis shining out space

Feedback from the head of course on the Slalutogenic Learning for Organisations Paper.

IPS 377-3

Feedback Assignment 03

Andr Clements

Dear Andr

  1. Congratulations on an outstanding assignment.
  2. I must give you all the credit for passion displayed, nurse medical not only in this assignment, ed syringe but also for your continuous enthusiastic participation and involvement in this online module.
  3. Your assignment is of exceptional good quality. Not only did you skilfully integrate the existing themes from the course material, but you succeeded in raising the level to that of a post-graduate student.
  4. I particularly appreciated your slant on salutogenesis as point of departure, effectively demonstrating your ability to link this paradigm to other variables such as change and globalisation. Your linking of this paradigm to lifelong learning and the learning organisation also merits a word of praise.
  5. I also liked your initiation and formulation of integral competence and its related acronym.
  6. I am also pleasantly enthused by your critical analyses of literature and questioning of Levingers terminology usage of family life. I agree, your suggested words could be more encompassing.
  7. You furthermore managed to raise this essay to a philosophical debate with interesting points to consider.
  8. Very good and extended selection of literature resources.
  9. Technical layout generally very good.
  10. Your numbering of headings and subheadings can though be more effective.

Again, congratulation on an excellent assignment.

Mark allocation: 85%

Rian Viviers

Facilitator: IOP 377-3

Ps: This module needs to be revised this coming semester. Wish you were on our team.

Please feel free to ad your comments browse the the Slalutogenic Learning for Organisations Paper

Logic is the system of verifiable structures of conditions and qualifications of the movement of thought.

The Languages of Logic Samuel Guttenplan 1986, this site 1997 2nd Blackwell Pub

Without this, advice design does not exist.

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