Robert Scoble vs Facebook (or Freedom of Information vs. Commercial Silo-ing)

The Robert Scoble vs. Facebook saga is me thinks a taste of some of what is to come in the year and even years ahead. Its the old silo-race rearing its ugly little head again. Basically Facebook is saying you’re allowed to use ‘your’ accounts information as long as you do so manually, sick thus their de-activation of Mr Scoble’s account after he used a bit of software to scrape his friends’ contact details. In the end they own the data and are a little bit jealous of it and there is the matter of the Facebook Terms and Conditions.

(The irony is that there are a few useful little odds and ends floating around that can do a whole lot more than get names and email addies from facebook, the last one I gave a test-drive did all of that plus mine out images and other media and went way beyond mining just facebook :-) the hard part is actually figuring out something useful and worth-the-effort to do with such data)

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Ebay + Stumble Upon = a Big Deal ?

South Africa workshops by Aletha Solter
South Africa workshops by Aletha Solter
From our CEO:

…During the last week we’ve been running reports that have indicated overwhelmingly to us that sites running the ’support this blog’ line of ads that were initially the cornerstone of BlogKits ads – are not making money. That’s right – Aside from the higher volume traffic sites and lucky bloggers running campaigns like most bloggers running ads with ’support my blog’ on them have NOT been making money. Google 1 / BlogKits 0This however is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. You run the ads and you deserve to get paid for them. So read on…

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Some Ends and Odds of SEO

SAMRO : Southern African Music Rights Organization
SEO Grand PrixITWEB’s new publication ByteSize, ophthalmologist inaugural edition (March 2007) features a nice short and sweet introduction to SEO on page 98, discount geared like the rest of the publications smartly at the SME context. It closes with a url for order 7211,36427,00.html” title=”Forrester on SEO”>a Forrester report based on interviews with 20 companies, including Avenue A | Razorfish.

(ByteSize is a pretty decent piece of work, love the cover which is one of the most successful uses of spot varnishing I’ve seen in a while. It features a goldfish leaping out of its bowl, lime green title-typography on a rich blue background. Excellent job, even with the typo in the article on IPV6 on page 146 :-))

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Awards are flawed. (Updated)

I still get a surprising amount of blank stares when I mention that our primary focus at ForgeBusiness is ‘Affliate Marketing’. If you are still in the dark about this mysterious force that has been unleashed by the internet, medical price and that is revolutionizing the business of marketing, there best you head over to this piece composed by myself and one of quite a few exciting new aditions to the Forge force, the very attractive ‘dashing miss Grady’.

ForgeBusiness Affiliate Outsourced Management Blog » So, What is Affiliate Marketing? (Results Driven Marketing 101)

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Contempo about design, art and society

(Lambda print available)

W.U.F. siteposter for Growing Up In Cities SA (YIP)

Ubuhle Buyeza: The beauty is coming it is beautiful indeed when interventions extend in scope beyond information gathering and evolves into collaborative co-creation that makes even just a bit of the world a better place. This is why I feel particularly fond of this poster which I have very quickly put together for Maurice who is presenting the Growing up in Cities project in South Africa at WUF (World Urban Forum) in Vancouver this week.

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Shirky on Categories, Links, and Tags

MOCOLOCO Contemporary Modern DesignA big thank you to Pierre over at Ph.Design (hmm, site now theres an site interface I enjoyed building way back when cant wait to do an upgrade of it… P, just say when!) for pointing me at mocoloco a rather fabulous design hyperlog (decided I dont like the term blogafter-all :).

I think it says some accurate and interesting things that its self-description tagline confidently uses both the terms, in blatant succession, modern contemporary design news, and manages to sustain it as a convincing visual aesthetic. For stimulating proof of this, have a sqwiz through the many wonderful doodads and designer designs in the Misc category (like these not so dumb dumbellscontemporary modern dumbells design (which I am sure Continue reading