aStickyPostOrderER : Plugin To Change WordPress Post Order

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If you’d like to re-arrange the order that WordPress displays posts this plugin might help.

With aStickyPostOrderER you can customize the order of appearance of posts per category, pestilence per tag – or over-all – in a WordPress (versions 2.3+) blog. Useful for using WordPress as a Content Management System (C.M.S.).

NB! This will only work with WordPress 2.3+!


Downloads and latest version now via the official WordPress plugins repository.

aStickyPostOrderER Beta (22 December 2007) – This latest beta version includes the ability to set meta-stickiness, more info i.e. you can specify that post from a specific category or tag, rheumatologist or a specified number of posts of same should appear before or after the sorted posts, or after everything else.


In future I might add these abilities:

  • to have stickiness expire at a certain point in time and such,
  • to also order per tag done
  • specify CSS selectors or custom code insertion to identify ‘sticky’ posts
  • and have some auto configuration options etc.
  • to propagate order set for parent categories to child categories
  • set entire category sticky etc. in beta
  • order-by-day and/or order-by-month etc. (Good idea, Thanx Mike!)

Ideas and requests most welcome!

Change Log

  • v0.2.2.1 – 22 Dec 2007:
    As described above, implemented the meta-stickiness functionality, bit more clean up of interface.
  • v0.2 – 18 Dec 2007:
    Lots of stability improvements and as well as the interface elements for meta-stickiness – which when implemented will allow you to specify that you e.g. want the last 5 posts in a specific category(ies) or tag(s) to precede everything else, or move an entire category right to the ‘bottom’ and some stuff in between – more detail when I release the next version (hopefully with that part working. Special thanks to Alvise Nicoletti of for a significant amount of testing issues related to using the plugin with complex nested category structures – also for the great review of the plugin he’s published.
  • v0.1.7 – 2 Dec 2007:
    Fixed bug in MySQL that created listing errors in some cases for some blogs that had been updated from previous versions of WordPress.
  • v0.1.6 – 28 Nov 2007:
    Adds ability to order posts per tag and improves interface showing no. of sorted posts / cat. or tag.
  • v0.1.5 – 27 Nov 2007:
    Support for non-default database prefixes.
    Not listing empty post categories as options for sorting.
    Show name of the category being sorted while sorting.
  • v0.1.4 – 22 Nov 2007:
    Fixed the creation of the database table at activation of the plugin.
  • v0.1.3 – 21 Nov 2007 :
    Modified DB structure to eliminate errors reported associated with ambiguous field names, changing title to aStickyPostOrderER.


I created this plugin to solve the cahallenge posed by non-trivial ordering of posts when using WordPress as a Content Management System(C.M.S.) at David Krut Publishing.

There we use a single WordPress install to run both the news and blog sections as well as a bookshop catalog – for news items the default reverse chronological order is perfect but in the case of books there are issues other than date of uploading to the site that should determine the prominence the particular ‘post’ about a book is given on the site. This plugin allows manulally configuring the order posts appear in when viewing a specific category – with ordered posts apearing first followed by the rest in their usual order without braking the default WordPress pagination.

Sites that use aStickyPostOrderER

If you use aStickyPostOrderER please pop me an email saying so with your URL (along with any praise you’d like to include:) to and I’ll link to your site from here.

Donations & Punting

Please consider making a donation towards my hosting
Donate towards my web hosting bill!
and/or giving this page a dig:

How To

  1. Unzip and place the ‘aStickyPostOrderER’ folder with its content in the WordPress plugins directory.
  2. Activate on the admin panel’s plugins page.
  3. Click on Manage, aStickyPostOrderER.
  4. Click on the name of a category or tag you want to order.
    (Those with fewer than two posts are not displayed)
  5. Posts in that category are listed, each with a text field to the right of it.
  6. Type a number into that field to make the corresponding post appear in that position relative to existing sorted posts, e.g. 1 to make it appear at the top, if there is already a post assigned to that position the sorted posts will be shifted up.
    • To remove a sorted post from the sticky list, send it to position 0 (zero).
    • Post that are not sorted will still appear in the default order after the sorted posts on the blog’s front-end.

Known Issues

  • Themes that execute their own MySQL queries may not (read ‘probably won’t') show the posts in the sorted order. A good way to test is by using the Default theme and comparing results.
  • There were various issues with previous versions that affected especially blogs with content that had been upgraded from earlier versions of WordPress, please use the latest version of the plugin.

265 thoughts on “aStickyPostOrderER : Plugin To Change WordPress Post Order

  1. Thanks for the plug in. Am using it on 2.7 and works well when ordering by category. Not too well on ordering by tags but may be due to the huge number of tags I have. But all in all – enabled me to order my posts exactly as I wanted to. Thanks very much

  2. Thank you so much for this plugin. Is there any way to enable it for use by Editors? I do use Role Manager, but I’m having no luck with anyone being able to access it under the “Tools” menu except for Admins.

    If anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful.

  3. Hi,

    Great plugin, but I’m also having this problem with WP2.7 and the default theme:

    “MotherFury (& SuperAnn): the next previous links issue is something I still want to look at – just literally haven’t had time to :-(

    I suspect that it should sort if you use the default WordPress pagination, but some themes do create their own MySQL queries for next and previous posts in which case it wont work (the plugin just ads some extra conditions to the normal WordPress MySQL request) – if you sent me your theme’s archive.php file I should be able to tell from that if it creates a different query.

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  8. Hi, thanks for putting the effort into keeping this going! I like the way you can sort the posts, but I need one step further – the ability to make it do so under the category list. I’ve a plugin that’s pulling the categories and posts, and I’d like to see if I can swap in a call to ASPO’s functions to use ASPO to order them. Can you help me figure this out?

    Here’s what the other plugin uses to get and impose sort options on the posts for each category:

    ‘$posts = get_posts(‘category=’ . $category->term_id . ‘&orderby=post_date&order=DESC&numberposts=9999′)’

    If this would take significant effort and you’ve the spare time, we can talk about my supporting the work via email.

    Thanks again!

  9. Hmm, need to report a small issue. I’ve removed sorts from posts within a category, and removed posts from within that category. The posts removed still show as being in that category in the ASPO admin page. Any idea of how I can clear the appropriate table so that those old entries go away?

  10. WOW!
    This plugin will be a lifesaver!

    I’m rebuilding my webpage based on WordPress. But as I post things in different categories, I want a top sticky in all of those categories, as an introduction.

    This is SO very very good!!!!

    I was just about to code it myself, but this is everything I could ever want!

    Keep up the good work!!

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  12. Wow! This is exactly what I have been looking for – for a very long time! I did notice though that it has not been updated in awhile and when I attempted to install it from my wp 2.7 plugins admin that a warning appeared that this was not tested with my version of wp.

    Can anyone confirm that this plugin did not break in wp 2.7?

    I would like to try it… but I am meek!

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  14. This is a great plug-in. Using it on 2.7.1
    Having an issue when I sort posts from a category they sort correctly on that catgories page that I link to, however, they no longer appear on the main index page. I get “the post may have been deleted” error. If I disable the plug-in things work again. Even if I “unsort” the posts the error remains. A bug perhaps?

  15. Loving the plugin – it’s a big help on my site, so thank you for that.

    However, in the last few days, I’ve been getting an error in one particular category – I can’t add more posts to the ordering. Everything already set up works fine, and I can do what I like to any other category, even the subcategories of the problem category, but this one keeps generating this error message:

    Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/loca1194/public_html/wp-content/plugins/astickypostorderer/croer-transact.php on line 19
    errr:You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 1

    Any advice?

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  17. We love the plugin but want to display only 100 posts in the “rearrange all posts” option because we have almost 15000 posts!

    Any suggestions?

  18. Thanks a lot for v0.3! Great! And at last, the post in “re-arrange all” are paginated! This ist very helpful for a blog with about 1.500 entries…

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  20. Instead of listing all of the categories, posts, tags, etc, have a search field to find the categories, posts, etc, to sticky. For large sites like ours that have 1000′s of tags and categories. In it’s current state we can’t use the plugin, as it freezes the browser trying to list all the data.

    Thanks for an awesome plug-in and all the hard work!

  21. Is it possible to allow a user with Editor level permission to access aStickyPostOrder in the Tools section? Currently it’s only available to an Admin user.

    Or is it possible to create link to this from Dashboard to allow my Editors to make changes without having Admin control?

    Any ideas?


  22. Hello,

    First I’d like to say that the versatility of your plugin is phenomenal. It’s allowed me to take my blogging to new heights. However, I am having some slight problems with it… I notice that the sticky post orderer plug-in only allows me to set one parameter for tag and one parameter for category. For instance, I want the meta-stickyness of tag “newsletter” to be super-sticky with a limit of 5, followed by the tag “search” as regular sticky. This would automatically set it so that my 5 newsletter articles each week would show up above the newsletter signup bar (which is a post itself). When I add my 5 new newsletter articles next week, the 5 from this week should automatically drop down below the newsletter signup. However, when I add meta-stickyness to any second tag, it undoes the stickyness to the first tag. Is this inherent to the plug-in, is it not compliant with the latest wordpress version, or is my plug-in just not working correctly?
    I thank you in advance for your response.

    Thank You,
    Michael Martucci

  23. I use WordPress 2.8.4 and plugin version 0.3. Documentation says to order posts via the ‘manage’ tab. But WordPress 2.8.4 doesn’t have a ‘manage’ tab. How can I access the plugin? It is already installed and activated, but I just don’t see where to access it.

  24. Hi, Andre SC:

    Great plugin. Thanks!

    However, I’m trying to validate my pages and this line seems to be the final error that I can’t eliminate. The validator says: Line 95, Column 18: Attribute “language” exists, but can not be used for this element.
    <script language=”javascript1.4″ type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.luciacom

    You can see the source here:

    It’s right under this comment, in the head:

    Is there a way of removing that?


  25. I applaud your efforts. Here.

    Am I understand that the plugin might/should show the assigned order in the proper POSTS area, but that it might not due to some php issue? Or does this not occur under any any circumstances?

    Thanks again,

    John Pollard

  26. @John:

    You can change which users will see the “AStickPostOrderER” link in the Dashboard by modifying “/wp-content/plugins/astickypostorderer/astickypostorderer.php” around line 38 you should see something like:

    add_submenu_page(‘post-new.php’, ‘Category Display Order’, ‘Category Display Order’, 7, ‘astickypostorderer’, ‘astickypostorderer_page’);

    The code above is the modification I use to change the name of the link in the Dashboard to “Category Display Order” and allow user levels 7 and above to see the link. Change the 7 in the code above to the user level that you want to give access to. (10 is admin). The code above also moves the link from the “Tools” submenu and places it under the “Posts” submenu.

  27. Is there a way to modify the plugin so that I don’t have to use the “sticky order” for custom queries? On my Category/Archive Pages I want the first 3 posts as determined by AStickyPostOrderER, but then below I want a list of all posts in the category sorted by title alphabetically. I see in the code that this plugin modifies all “query_posts”. I’m looking for a way to add an exception where query_posts is NOT modified by the “croer_the_sort” function.

  28. Great plugin, but having an issue with it: my (yearly) archives show no posts at all, and my homepage just shows the stickied post. Am I overlooking something? Cheers.

  29. On the main admin page for the plugin “=astickypostorderer” is there a way to have the categories be listed alphabetically rather than them be listed by category id number? Currently they are shown as being listed from 1-300 or so.. I have over 300 categories and being able to search alphabetically is much easier to make changes. So basically I’d like the admin page to show the categories by ascending or descending order..

  30. Hi all

    Interest in this plugin seems to be increasing while I thought by now it would be fading with WordPress’s sticky option. I’m completely snowed under with work but am gonna try and put an update together over the weekend to address some of the issues and requests. Would appreciate examples of the template files from themes where posts dissapear etc.



  31. Hey there, I’ve installed your plug in into 2.8.5 and activated it, yet it’s not showing up at all. There is no link for it in the settings list, no way to manage it. Is this an 2.8.5 issue? Have you heard of this?

  32. Any idea why this plugin causes my feed to not show the right results? I turn the plugin on, feed shows an odd selection of posts. I turn the plugin off and the feed goes back to showing the latest posts as expected.


  33. Is there some function similar to is_sticky() ?

    The plugin works perfectly for me. I don’t want sticky posts on the index page, but I want to stick a post to the top of a category page. And, I want that sticky post to be a full the_content post. Everything following the sticky post I want to be the_excerpt posts. So, a function that works like is_sticky() would suit me perfectly.

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  35. “Ridewithjoe Says:
    May 27th, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    This is a great plug-in. Using it on 2.7.1
    Having an issue when I sort posts from a category they sort correctly on that catgories page that I link to, however, they no longer appear on the main index page. I get “the post may have been deleted” error. If I disable the plug-in things work again. Even if I “unsort” the posts the error remains. A bug perhaps?”

    I get the same error…using the same version 2.7.1…does anybody know how to fix it?

  36. Hi
    I just installed your stickypost orderer plugin and it fixed the problem I ‘ve been having immediately – I just wanted to say thanks very much – if I had lots of money I would donate but unfortunately I don’t so I though at least a thankyou would be nice :)

  37. Hi, love your plugin but seem to be having a problem, I’ve set it up so that category ‘featured’ will be super-sticky with a limit of one. It is placing only one post from that cat at the top, but it is the oldest post not the newest. Any ideas? (wp 2.9.1).

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