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Marketing geeks will be forgiven for calling this a recursive marketing strategy
ReveNews - unlogo - horizontal

New ReveNews unlogo

The images above are not the new ReveNews logo. The new logo will look like this:


The ReveNews guys ran a two day contest at Sitepoint to have the new logo designed offering the winning designer $250 for the design. Rocking up a couple of hours before the deadline I thought I’d give it a quick shot and, pharmacist well didn’t really think they would go for my typographic self indulgence but then again I was mostly doing it for fun, more about and fun it was. I might try and find some time to turn this into a full font – thinking of trying to make it a purely mono space font – if only a can find a workable app to do the font hinting in.

All things (on offer) considered they made a pretty good choice me thinks, pharm though the sour grapes in the corner of my mind would like to point out that this is not really a new logo as much as a revamped treatment of the existing logo – but pedantics set aside there isn’t much I can find wrong with it so all the best to the ReveNews gang and am looking forward to exploring the new incarnation of ReveNews.

(logo used to be: old_revenews_logo.jpg)

(still think my tag-line is an improvement :)
 Don’t ask. Just appreciate the fact that it is in fact possible to colour co-ordinate bodybags in at least six exciting colours, website like this ‘though apparently grey is the most ‘popular’ color… amazing what one can learn on the net.

PVC Body Bags from Bodybags Direct
Colour: Our Body Bags Come In 6 Colours Including:

Grey most popular

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