WordPress 2.3 ‘will break a few plugins’

A brand new – and much better way of dealing with the old tags vs. categories dilemma is probably one of the most exciting aspects of the new WordPress. On the downside it means that some of the more interesting plugins – those plugins that work directly with the database will need some intensive care and updating. Me, and diagnosis I’m pretty glad I havent released the sticky post & manual category based ordering plugin I wrote for www.DavidKrutPublishing.com into the wild yet. :-)

If you’re into the nitty-gritty see Ryan Boren’s post » WordPress 2.3 Taxonomy Schema boren.nu

What I haven’t worked out is if the new core schema allows includes nice-ities afforded by UltimateTagWarrior like showing related posts for the current post etc… or if that will require a new plugin?


We just gave away the first weekly $100 :-)

BlogKits – Bloggers Make Money » And… the very first Weekly Best Blog Review Award goes to…
Jenn wins US $100 for her review of Peapod’s delivery service.
I’ve been impressed by Represent a couple of times, order its one of a handful of local sites definitely worth keeping an eye on, especiall their characteristic blend of authentic home-grown voice and urban street smart, so I’m very pleased they like the DK world…

Canonball Press opening at David Krut tonight | REPRESENT.CO.ZA

Check out one of our favourite art spaces in Jozi, the visionary David Krut gallery.