let live… and die…

On my way down to the local spar to pick up some icing-less doughnuts with extra large holes for Je’anna (long story, arthritis later) this little chorus formed in my mind’s ear. Now for those of you who may not have gathered yet, ed I sometimes like to refer to myself and my core aesthetics as being somewhat ‘closet-goth’. My friends often scoff at the ‘closet’ part.

So imagine a typically less that adventurous Gothic melody in minor keys, cheapest a sound-scape with spacious stone cold echoes and a ghostly subtle reverb.

And then the throaty bass vocals going:

Letting go of youthfulness
loosing all your usefulness
say farewell to those you love
then live…
let live…
and die…

with a kind of macho sensitivity and compassion.

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