When proffit is more important than education

Vanessa - Diptych B

Part of the Portraiture Series and of my Aspect Orientations class.

Vanessa - Diptych B
As of June 2007

Education & Learning:

Highest: Bachelor of Arts (1995)

  • 2005 Diploma in Assessment from Damelin
  • 2004 Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Human Capacity Development (HCD), remedy achieved distinction in a 3rd year level course at UNISA’s School of Management Sciences.
  • 2004 Advanced Symbolic Modeling: “Making Sense with Metaphor”, Modules 1, 2 and 3 from Discovery Works, UK. Clean-language and Clean-space facilitation and interventions is an exciting development and arguably improvement on NLP.
  • Currently busy with a Nat. Cert. in Data metrics at UNISA including the subjects Formal Logic, Computer-Human Interaction (read user-centricity) and Computer Science as well as Industrial Organizational Psychology (IOP [NDP]) etc.
  • 1995 BA from University of Pretoria , field of study Information Design

Also continuously pursue various avenues of self directed personal and professional development.

Employment Experience:


  • Currently Tracking Integration Lead responsible for implementing and overseeing multi network technical integrations and client-side tracking integration
  • Maintain and develop various websites and blogs for ForgeBusiness and ForgeCorporation
  • Various creative, branding and promotional projects(Transferred from the Trafficonomy business unit after a management buy-out)

2006/10 – 2007/11: TRAFFICONOMY

  • Integrated Ad server with Game Portal Platform
  • Customized and Integrated flash-based chat system with gamming portal
  • Developed a tiny bandwidth & processing-footprint profanity filter for chat system



  • David Krut Publishing and Arts Resource (Developed online product catalogue integrated with company blog and RSS service, built online shopping functionality, website traffic improved by 10x within three months of taking over the site)
  • Damelin (School of Media Design and Technology)
  • Ph.D Group
  • 7i Management Consultants
  • eCommunications
  • P Squared Holdings
  • Sifikile Marketing & Events and others.


  • Responsible for all areas of business, supplying clients with custom developed graphic design and production requirements including:
  • Web site development
  • 3D Visualisations and animations
  • Corporate identity design & implementation
  • Interactive CD Rom development and reproduction including video,
  • Printed media involving pre-production, production outsourcing and process management
  • Concept Research and Development

Lecturer and Course Facilitator for final year students in the course Media Design Technology, specializing in:

  • 3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting, Animation and Rendering
  • Web Animation

Lecturer & Course Facilitator

  • Facilitate all subjects in the courses Media Design Technology and Live Design Bauhaus including:
  • Creativity & Aesthetics,
  • Industry Practice,
  • Visual studies: Drawing Techniques, Illustration, Typography, Lay-out etc.
  • Production Techniques & Post-production & SFX: Adobe- Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Steinberg Wavelab.
  • Digital Design: Macromedia- Freehand, Fireworks, Flash & ActionScript, Director, Dreamweaver
  • 3D Design and animation: Discreet 3D StudioMax, NewTek Lightwave

Learning Facilitator: End-user-applications:

  • Corel Draw, Photopaint,
  • Microsoft Frontpage, Access, Excel, Power Point
  • 1998-1999 TRAVELSA.CO.ZA
  • Web Designer & Team leader:
  • Developed website information architecture and front-end from concept into implementation of at-the-time the largest (possibly first) tourism accommodation portal
  • Managed data capturing and data administration teams


  • Senior Designer
  • Responsible for studio workflow processes and quality management of various technologies – reduced studio turn-around time by 50%!
  • Corel Draw, Photopaint, MS Frontpage, Shockwave Studio


Design Software (Use and training):

  • Discreet 3D Studio Max
  • Corel Suite since v4
  • Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, Image ready, Premiere)
  • Adobe/Macromedia Flash, Studio, Fireworks & Director Etc.
  • ScreenWeaver (Extension to Macromedia ActionScript giving access to OS API in order to develop Screen savers, Windows Applications and CD Roms
  • NewTek Lightwave
  • Microsoft Office (Including Advanced Excel, Power Point, Access & FrontPage)
  • HTML, CSS etc.


  • Macromedia ActionScript + extended (Advanced)
  • PHP, MySQL (Intermediate)
  • HTML (Advanced, CSS)
  • Macromedia Director Lingo [Shockwave based] (Advanced)
  • C++ (Novice to Intermediate)
  • Delphi (Intermediate)
  • Java (Novice)


  • Affiliate Marketing Commission Tracking Integration (Offerforge, DirectTrack, Commission Junction, ShareASale, LinkShare)
  • Content Management Systems: WorPress (Advanced + Plugin Development) & Joomla
  • Search Engine Optemisation


  • Design (Graphic, Industrial, Interior and Process)
  • Online Social Media (Semantic Web, Web 2.0, Blogging etc.)
  • Product innovation (e.g. ask me about my interactive screen savers, revolutionary keyboard design and guitar tuners for cell phones)
  • Advertising and Affiliate Marketing
  • Contemporary and Contemporary-Digital Fine Art
  • Photography
  • Human Capacity Development (HCD) Psychology (Androgogy, Salutogenisis, Learning styles etc.)
  • Programming
  • Transpersonal Psychology (e.g. Enneagram personality topography, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Studies etc.)
  • Theory, Discourse and Critique
  • Poetry
  • Science
  • Science Fiction
  • Classic Motorcycle Touring
    … and more :-)


  • Email: andre@pixelplexus.co.za
  • Mobile: +27 (0)83 368 1219
  • Fax: +27 (0)86 671 9198
  • 2 Gascoyne Street
    South Africa
  • www.pixelplexus.co.za


  • Married with 1x 2 year old little boy
  • Drivers license & vehicles (1x classic ’81 touring motorcycle 1x car)
  • Male, aged 32, 6’3″ tall.
  • ID no.: 730613 5070 088
  • Languages: Afrikaans, English, Computer and Graphic, (with a bit of Mathematics :)


  • Pierre Hatting, CEO, Ph.D Group:
    +27 (0)82 490 7308
  • David Krut, David Krut Publishing and Arts Resource (Johannesburg, New York, London)
  • Val Bartram, Ex Director of Campus & Studies – Allenby Campus/Damelin Centurion
    +27 (0)82 462 8351
  • Dr. Pam Roux (PhD from Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, USA)
    +27 (0)11 460 1789
  • John Moore, Professional Artist
    +27 (0)11 465 2388

If anyone still doubts that our educational systems are in trouble…

Business Report – Educor row delays student certificates

Take antiquated bureaucratic administration systems, angina add completely disassociated profit centric corporate governance – overseen by a splintered mess of para-statal revolving-door supposed quality assurance bodies that in some cases double as tax-break kick-back channels for fat-cat corporates – and think you are going to get qualifications that mean something – hmmm – wish I knew a solution, but it sure is a mess.

The article suggests to me that the student accademic records are corrupt, and when this happens to manually created and maintained records usually that means they are impossible to fix beyond the level of some clever thumb-sucking.
There were reasons I left that stable.

This week Hancock received from her lawyer a fax of a letter from Educor’s lawyers, which warned of the derailment of the settlement unless Hancock stopped discussing the matter with the media.

I think that tells you most everything you need to know about Educor. It’s time someone inside Educor starts a union – especially for the largely ‘independent contractors’  teaching staff – a set-up that releaves Educor of much any need to consider social responsibilities, bother with UIF issues etc. That may just fix a few things.

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