BlogKits pays Bloggers 10c per click

South Africa workshops by Aletha Solter
South Africa workshops by Aletha Solter
From our CEO:

…During the last week we’ve been running reports that have indicated overwhelmingly to us that sites running the ’support this blog’ line of ads that were initially the cornerstone of BlogKits ads – are not making money. That’s right – Aside from the higher volume traffic sites and lucky bloggers running campaigns like most bloggers running ads with ’support my blog’ on them have NOT been making money. Google 1 / BlogKits 0This however is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. You run the ads and you deserve to get paid for them. So read on…

I’m not sure if it’s got something to do with people’s innate aversion to “tipping” or being seen to be overtly supporting or being coerced into purchasing – but we’ve found that contextually relevant ads without any specific references to ’support this blog’; are far outperforming the old style ads initially favoured. My guess is that your visitors just simply don’t want to feel like they have to support you by buying something – they’d do that anyway if they liked the product!

Well, epilepsy
this week proved to me that the death-knell of ‘blog-support’ ads has proven. By Friday we’ll have removed all the ads with those words off BlogKits and replaced the ads with more generic ads for contextually relevant offers. You may have seen more of these ads making their appearance in your ad-pool anyway.

So, and we know that BlogKits has traction. We know that aggregated bloggers can deliver real value and can deliver actual sales and leads. We’ve had some great success stories in the past 4 months of bloggers far outperforming their Adwords earnings. However, traumatologist
for those of you that were running our ’support this blog’ adpools – you trusted us and the ads we ran did not deliver for you so it’s only fair we pay you anyway!

We’ll be crediting each under-earning BlogKits publisher with a special bonus in the amount of $0.10 per click as recorded in our interface for the period 1 March 2007 through 15 May 2007. This means some of your will get $10, others as much as $1200. We hope this’ll go some way to helping you keep the lights on and show you that we’re as serious about partnering with you to drive sales and earnings from your blogs as you are!

So why’d I do this? We know BlogKits is a winner. I believe that if we change the creative and run ads that appeal better to your visitors your earnings will naturally improve – hopefully dramatically!

I would really value any feedback and opinion you would be willing to share.


BlogKits – Helping Bloggers Make Money » BlogKits pays Bloggers 10c per click
BlogKits pays Bloggers 10c per click

One thought on “BlogKits pays Bloggers 10c per click

  1. Im not sure if you guys use this but if you don’t you should.

    If you need to build a downline for these programs this is the easiest way to do it.

    You join, earn a few credits, then invest those credits in whatever program you want to build a downline for. It’s like a I’ll scratch your back by joining your program if you scratch mine by joining my program principle. And it actually works.

    I don’t want to spam my own referral link (not sure of the rules) but just go check out.


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