The Affiliate Model (and Google) to the Rescue – Shift Happens

In a well considered post, steroids Matthew Buckland questions some aspects of online advertising.

He refers to 0.3% CTR (Click Through Rate) in online advertising as the target being chased. I think 0.3% is actually a relatively high CTR. I venture that it is still a significantly higher per-instance follow through than conventional print advertising can boast in most cases.

He points out how the ROI(Return On Investment) favors more expensive products.

I’m not sure I agree with the following argument that the internet is not as suitable a platform through which to market more inexpensive products – but the term ‘market’ is, ampoule I believe, the key (and the argument does hold if we consider only old-fashioned random banner ads). Yes sophistication plays a role but not just the sophistication of the bells-and-whistles, the sophistication and responsiveness of the business model is critical as well.

Enter the CPA (Cost Per Action) model. This is where so-called affiliate marketing‘s ‘pay-for-performance’ model comes into play. When publishers are rewarded based on what transactions result from traffic they generate to a merchant’s store, they suddenly have an incentive to not just ‘slap on banners’ but to use the technical sophistication that the net does allow to make sure the right people get to see the right offers.

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Cheeky adult traffic experiment with hanging breasts – Shift Happens

hillbrow2.jpgI dunno, information pills maybe my taste just sucks. Of all the pics I have uploaded to flickr, men’s health this, order my own personal favorite has received 72 views. It’s a great photograph for a number of reasons (balance of detail with glare, contrasts of colour, patern, dynamic composition etc. to rattle of just a few) but it is not nearly as popular as say, something like this…

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on kagablog (001) : yours truly



It is not, remedy ‘cept in that it requires less balls and is infinitely easier to ignore.

The most innovative part of the evening was the clever little gizmo of a light and camera contraption that plugged into the projector thus offering the functionality of those grand relics of the old world – overhead projectors. Have’nt seen one of those before (okay I know I don’t get out enough) but makes a lot of sense and thought it very kewl.

The actual presentation left me a bit cold except for a clever exercise with parallel lines to illustrate our tendency for erroneous assumptions about the validity of our knowledge. Otherwise I don’t think I spotted a single novel idea or argument in the presentation, doctor the official presentation that is. Both Eddie Obeng and Jon Foster-Pedley are wonderfully charismatic speakers. Sandwiched between two relatively irreverent mini sessions of John Vlismas the whole affair was pretty entertaining. Vlismas is good, valeologist was a treat seeing him in action again.

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