Andy Beard on Link Equity & Wikipedia saying Up-Yours to You

Wikipedia NoFollow Plugin? WikiDigg? another well considered post by Andy Beard, this time a pretty thougt provoking one about the real holy grail of the net, link-juice, and the fact that the blogosphere’s darling Wikipedia appears to give a giant up-yours to the same.

I think an identity based rating system could take wikipedia to the next level, and is essential for the success of the whole ’2.0′ venture provided it’s not just another one-dimensional popularity index with all te depth of soggy cardboard. I imagine transplanting the StumbleUpon as it is now would already be magic, that with a bit of systemic evolution around user-driven configurability and you’d have some pretty serious relevance dynamics kicking in.

Update… because identity is the commodity that matters.

2 thoughts on “Andy Beard on Link Equity & Wikipedia saying Up-Yours to You

  1. Hey Andre, what do you mean by transplanting StumbleUpon? Are you thinking of that as a sort of identity cluster of links for specific individuals? I guess I’m just not following, so please excuse how dense this sounds…

  2. I think it was in the same vein as my WikiDigg or WikiSpy thoughts. There are now so many reader rating systems for URLs, it surely would be possible to use something similar, spend $200 on Elance and add similar.

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