GeoDirection – Redirects an Internet user based on their City, Region, Country

error.jpgThis has to be one of my favorite-favorite error messages.

So informative and reasonable.

A little while ago I posted a static version of RSS feeds from my bloglines account.

This is a static version of feeds I have in my SA blogging crowd folder at the moment, approved which has been growing at a wonderful rate over the last couple of weeks :-)

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Diffused:) Googlebombs do not add to Globalwarming

Two junior designer positions available. One is at a small co. out in Kyalami on what is essentially a horse farm. Their current designer seemed very happy there for about two years but is starting up her own show now.

Contact me for details

Another list… The Long Tail: Long Tail PR: how to do publicity without a press release (or the press)
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