The Art of Strategic Systems Study

My recently ordered books on Autopoiesis have arrived, ‘ Autopoiesis and Cognition : Realization of the Living’ (kind-of hardcore (bio)systems theory) and ‘The Tree of Knowledge : The Biological Roots of Human Understanding’ (a kind of an intro to the API of thought and perceptions – hopefully)

I have decided to register for two third-year modules in Philosophy of Logic at UNISA this year (‘Contemporary Social Epistemology: a study of the social determinants of knowledge” and “Mind and Reality”), either of which successfully completed will help me do an Honours in Philosophy (probably take two years) which in turn will allow me to do a Masters, probably in Information Design at the University of Pretoria where I did my first degree. Who knows, by then I might just do the unthinkable and start on a doctorate. (Formal Logic, will have to stay on the back burner a while longer)

Volunteered in response to Matt’s request for WordPress Development contributors. (Always wanted to meet ‘rockstars’ ;- ), fact is, I have fallen in love with the WordPress thing.

Edited and added to the Wikipedia entry for Salutogenesis:

Inserted experience of well-being = SOC in 1st paragraph

Added SOC section, external links, created section for ‘areas of application’, and started looking at the narrative structure

by way of familiarisation- and engagement with WIKI – which for interest sake has close semiotic ties with ‘Taxi’

Spend most of yesterday in a fascinating and exceptionally exciting dialogue with David Krut of David Krut Publishing, TaxiArt Books and David Krut Fine Art.

Investing a lot of thought and research into the potential offered by the collaborative dynamics offered by CMS, and as much as the technical gory details are very interesting and entertaining to me, it is the glimpses of spectral unfurling of the much bigger meta-future that has me for once sitting up and taking notice. A lot of notice. Thinking about Art, about State of the Art, the Art of Information, the Intelligence of Art.

Oh and my and Je’anna Levannah’s latest conception, ‘Vapour Vixen’ is waiting in the wings.

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