Feedback on the Slautogenic Learning for Organisations Paper

Feedback from the head of course on the Slalutogenic Learning for Organisations Paper.

IPS 377-3

Feedback Assignment 03

André Clements

Dear André

  1. Congratulations on an outstanding assignment.
  2. I must give you all the credit for passion displayed, nurse medical not only in this assignment, ed syringe but also for your continuous enthusiastic participation and involvement in this online module.
  3. Your assignment is of exceptional good quality. Not only did you skilfully integrate the existing themes from the course material, but you succeeded in raising the level to that of a post-graduate student.
  4. I particularly appreciated your slant on salutogenesis as point of departure, effectively demonstrating your ability to link this paradigm to other variables such as change and globalisation. Your linking of this paradigm to lifelong learning and the learning organisation also merits a word of praise.
  5. I also liked your initiation and formulation of ‘integral competence’ and its related acronym.
  6. I am also pleasantly enthused by your critical analyses of literature and questioning of Levinger’s terminology usage of ‘family life’. I agree, your suggested words could be more encompassing.
  7. You furthermore managed to raise this essay to a philosophical debate with interesting points to consider.
  8. Very good and extended selection of literature resources.
  9. Technical layout generally very good.
  10. Your numbering of headings and subheadings can though be more effective.

Again, congratulation on an excellent assignment.

Mark allocation: 85%

Rian Viviers

Facilitator: IOP 377-3

Ps: This module needs to be revised this coming semester. Wish you were on our team.

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